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curt dallace miller

front-end development

sew fine studio

I worked with Sew Fine Studio to update their class registration and payment system to an online system using the Square E-commerce API, dramatically increasing course enrollment and giving them a fresh new web presence.

HTML/CSS | Javascript | PHP | MySQL | Square E-commerce API

yellow ochre studio

A fresh site for Yellow Ochre Studio showcasing their recent gouache portraits of local produce from farms in Southeastern Massachussetts.

HTML | SCSS | jQuery | MailChimp integration

Artist Nichole Speciale wanted a clean website that would highlight her work while still reflecting its hand-made craft feel. I made a custom carousel that would match other elements and stay out of the way.

HTML/CSS | Javascript | Bootstrap

A landing page for a bass clarinet duo project of Sam Dunscombe and myself.


A page for my own music and sound art practice which also demonstrates the use of a number of bootstrap components and an off-canvas navbar setup.

HTML/CSS | Javascript | Bootstrap

spectral score

A musical graphing tool to display data from Miller Puckette and Ted Apel's Pure Data spectral pitch detection object [fiddle~] on a score-like graph using D3.js.

D3.js | SVG | Pure Data | HTML/CSS | Javascript

tic tac toe

A tic tac toe game with an unbeatable computer player using the minimax algorithm. I implemented this algorithm in object oriented JavaScript.

HTML/CSS | Javascript | Font Awesome


A Javascript calculator using big.js for neat results from floating point math.

HTML/CSS | Javascript | big.js


A JavaScript version of the classic memory game Simon with a spacey twist.

HTML/CSS | Javascript

random design quote

A random quotation generator that pulls quotations from the API.

HTML/CSS | Javascript | Bootstrap | jQuery | AJAX | API

wikipedia viewer

Search and view Wikipedia results.

HTML/CSS | Javascript | Bootstrap | jQuery | AJAX | Wikipedia API